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  • Lightweight

  • Water Resistant

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Easy Maintenance

  • 100% made in Japan using Fukui Paper Technique

  • Affordable


17in (44cm)  x  19in (50cm)      -      $ 550

19in (50cm)  x  19in (50cm)      -      $ 650

22in (57cm)  x  23in (58cm)      -      $ 700


* Prices include taxes, shipping is not included

Yama-Ko Oke Daiko

A light weight taiko that can be played slung over the shoulder katsugi style, or upright on a flat stand.  There are two different textured heads for this drum.  This gives two different sounds, and is ideal for playing in an ensemble setting.  The heads are made of fiber sheet material and are stitched over durable metal rings. They are also water resistant, making it possible to still continue the performance during sudden rainfall.  

In Japan, Fukui Prefecture is known for their paper crafting skills called the Fukui Paper Technique.  The body of the Oke Daiko is made of paper tubing using these same techniques, making it very light weight, yet durable enough to withstand playing.  The edge of the bodies are reinforced with a special metal layer that has been molded in a specific way to create the best sound possible when the heads are stretched over them.

Yama-Ko taiko are very easy to maintain and can simply be wiped down with a cloth if dirty. They can be used in all seasons, and can be stored anywhere as humidity and weather conditions will not affect the sound or condition of the drum.

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