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Replacement Heads

The heads are made of fiber sheet material stitched over metal rings making them durable and water resistant. They are sold in pairs and each head has a different texture to produce two different sounds.

We recommend purchasing the heads to use with the Yama-Ko Oke Daiko bodies, as this has been specifically designed to produce the best sound.  We also recommend replacing the heads about every 5 years.


You can purchase the replacement heads to use with other drum bodies, however, we cannot guarantee a suitable condition and proper sound.  

17in (44cm)  x  19in (50cm)     -     $ 300

19in (50cm)  x  19in (50cm)     -     $ 385

22in (57cm)  x  23in (58cm)     -     $ 430


* Sold in pairs

* Prices include taxes, shipping is not included

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