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Pacoon is a smaller hand crafted taiko that was designed to simply be played by hand.  They were created to be fun, and can also be used to accommodate other taiko in a practice or performance setting. Those who are not physically able to perform taiko, can still join the fun and enjoyment of playing as Pacoon can be played in any stationary position.These are particulary popular with kids as they are small, easy to carry and require no assembly. 


The body is also made of strong paper tubing, and the top is made of wood. The name Pacoon comes from the sound that is made when the fingers strike the top of the taiko.  There are no two that are alike as each creation is unique and original.  They can also be used as a beautiful decorative piece! 

Small         -    $45

Medium     -    $50

Large        -    $65


* Prices include taxes, shipping is not included

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